Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OK, who put me on the "America's Test Kitchen" email list?

Apparently I can now purchase "Perfect Vegetables" for $10 off the book store price... According to the Pittsburgh Sunday Tribune-Review, "Perfect Vegetables" belongs on every cooking reference shelf."

I do not have a cooking reference shelf. In fact, I only have one shelf and its currently inhabited by loose quarters and and empty box of fabric softener. The last thing I "cooked" was two packages of "Lean Cuisine" Swedish meatballs. The irony (or perhaps it's just a coincidence) is that after looking up "Swedish meatballs" on Wikipedia, I know that "Swedish meatballs are served at the cafeteria at most IKEA locations around the world."

I've spent all day asking myself this question:

"The next time I have a craving for authentic Swedish meatballs, should I pick up a cooking reference shelf?"

Also, am I alone in thinking that Pittsburgh isn't exactly the vegan epicenter of culinary tastes? That's no knock on "The Big P," I'm just saying...

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