Monday, June 25, 2007

Am I a "blogger" now?

Midway through a wedding this weekend, my friend Andy Katz asked me if I'd like to contribute to his blog. Since I was full of Heineken and wedding revelry I found it quite easy to say "yes". I am a shameless egomaniac, and I love seeing my words in print.

I don't know much about writing a blog. I do know that a typical protocol is to post lots of links to other bloggers whose style you intend to blatantly emulate. I learned this from Penelope Trunk, an excellent blogger and author who is charging to the forefront of redefining the American workplace. She can be a little too Machiavellian for my taste, but her columns are a nice diversion from work and I always learn something new from her ideas. Definitely worth checking out.

And if you're interested in reading about the social and economic challenges of "sustainability," check out Triple Pundit. There's way too much information for a layperson but it is nice to know that someone is thinking deeply about this stuff.

Finally, this guy seems pretty popular, and he's apparently quite good at what he does, though I can't figure out exactly what that is.

So that's it. I guess I'm a blogger now. I'm going to go take my sun pills and come back in a couple days with a post that isn't quite as boring...

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Allsinglesmeet said...

Your blogs look great to me. I am just learning how to blog as well. I am most certainly not a writer and find it difficult to draw interest to my blogs on the various blogging sites!

Good luck to you!