Wednesday, September 3, 2008

South Dakota Bowling Alley Mixes It Up

Bandit Lanes, the bowling alley at Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, South Dakota, underwent a major renovation in July. The $254,000 project included pinsetters, a fog machine, and a salad bar. Yes...a salad bar. Thousand Island dressing is now available with your bowling experience--combining two of my friend Tim's greatest passions (in case it wasn't clear, Tim enjoys bowling and eating salad with Thousand Island dressing).

The salad bar has been instantly recognized as one of the most unsanitary salad bars in the world. Shared shoes, dirty bowling balls, and fresh lettuce. Don't forget to take a fresh plate each time you return to the line.

Bandit Lanes pinsetter mechanic, Ron England, commented,

"We will be installing top-of-the-line lighting and sound systems, plus adding a fog machine," "The black lights used for Cosmic Bowling will now stretch as far back as the tabled seating behind the lane area."

This is where you will be eating your salads so you can see all the germ-infested areas on your plate.

This story also spurs the question: What is your favorite vegetable to eat while bowling? Think about it.

Bandit Lanes Improved [Black Hills Patriot]

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Awiseboy said...

Best article ever. Period. True insight, analytics, and the question at the end leaves the reader begging for more. Kudos, Andy... Kudos.