Tuesday, September 30, 2008

University of Sleep

US colleges are becoming increasingly concerned about sleep deprivation among their students.

'Wellesley College spreads the message by throwing dorm pajama parties with tea and popcorn.'
Yeah....I'm sure that sends them directly to REM mode.

'Tufts University passes out sleep masks, ear plugs, and a CD of relaxation tracks.'
This is college not a nursing home.

'Bentley College holds a weeklong contest called the Biggest Snoozer, and gives away memory foam pillows and white noise machines to students who log the most hours of shut-eye.'
Look out Japan...here we come! We're coming after your jobs!

'And Massachusetts Institute of Technology has enlisted the help of far-flung parents, alerting them to watch for warning signs such as e-mails sent at 4 a.m.'
I have a feeling the future rocket scientists of the world can find some ways around that one.

Now....let's break it down for a second. Colleges are there to prepare the youth of our country for life after college (the real world). You do a lot of things in college that don't prepare you...but that's the ultimate purpose. You might get a nice cushy job in the real world, where you can roll into work at 10am, read blogs all day, take a 2 hour lunch break, and punch out at five. But, when we talk about preparing our youth to be the next leaders of our country...we're talking about a tall order. Do you think the leaders of our country get a solid 8 hours every night and a 20 minute nap every afternoon?

The real world is tough. Do doctors take a break during surgery because they are short on sleep? Does a criminal lawyer not pull an all nighter to prepare his cross examination? Does our military delay an attack for some shut eye? Is Congress taking naps instead of passing a rescue passage? (well...)

We are really getting soft around here. We don't keep score in youth sports. We require chaperones at high school football games . We encourage our college students to sleep more. If anybody should need less sleep it's college kids. If anybody should be pushed, it's college kids. And, now colleges are rewarding its students for laziness? Are you SERIOUS?

If this continues, a common exchange in classrooms around the country could sound like this...

Joe Student: 'Professor...I'm not prepared for discussion today. I was tired. And, I just needed 5 more hours to earn a free sub at Quiznos.'

Professor: That's OK Joe. Get em' next time.


Unknown said...


Why, when I look at those two cartoons, do I get nostalgic for BHS?


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