Monday, August 11, 2008

More 360...Coming Soon

As of late, my blog posts have been less than regular.
I've been spending more time updating my baseball strategy blog (BaseballThink), and my co-authors have clearly used Andy Katz 360 as a launching pad for their own blogging careers (visit my friends at Pax Arcana and Karl & Betsy's Excellent Adventure). Now I know how the Minnesota Twins feel(or the directors of the Mickey Mouse Club).

But, I assure you that the interns at 360 are working hard to bring you MORE in the months to come.

Before signing off, I wanted to mention the Olympics. I've never been an Olympics enthusiast but the US Men's relay team caught my attention last night. They put forth an amazing performance last night to beat the favored French team, coming from behind. If you have no interest in swimming, you still have to be impressed with the marvel that is the natatorium in Beijing. It is appropriately named "The Cube."

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