Monday, August 25, 2008

Bloggers Blast Microsoft on Seinfeld Decision

Will the success of Microsoft's Seinfeld campaign mimic that of the puffy shirt?

Andy Katz 360 was not the only blog to take some swings at Microsoft. Adweek pointed out that the blogosphere was uber-critical of Microsoft's decision to sign Jerry Seinfeld for its new ad campaign. Gawker and Maelstrom chimed in with knocks on Microsoft's decision. Pulse of Hollywood added,

"Microsoft doesn't like being 'cast as a stodgy oldster' by Apple's advertising and has turned to Jerry Seinfeld. Oh, so they want to be cast as late-middle-age almost stodgy oldster."

Maybe we are all being a bit premature with our criticism. The campaign has not even been launched yet. When the dust clears, Jerry and Microsoft could be masters of the tech domain.

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