Monday, August 25, 2008

Indie Hipster Where are you?

By Kodiak in Cambridge

There are few things cooler than an indie hipster, that's a fact few could argue with (not true), however it has become a term that gets thrown around a bit too loosely. The moniker evolved with jazz musicians in the 40's and 50's as an allusion to their heroine use, and later came to encompass middle and upper class whites who sat around in zoot suits, bee bopping and scatting to emulate the jazz guys they thought were cool. In today's culture "hipster" has come to define counter-culture folks who like to wear second hand clothes and have funny haircuts. Of course, there's more than old western shirts and bangs to being defined a "hipster"; liberal ideals, organic vegetable co-ops, vinyl record collections, and jean jackets with ironic pins on them, to name a few.

The true spirit of the indie-hipster doesn't lie in this accoutre-mon, it comes from a special place deep in the soul. Someone who truly believes their individualism makes a difference in society, that is what makes a real hipster and that's why they are so cool (possibly true). Most of us like to think we can change things around us but the vast majority of us go about life day by day trying to get by, pay the rent, buy groceries, impress girls/guys, and we get caught up by the culture, unable to effect change much in grand scheme of life. Now the hipster may not change anything either, but they keep struggling and that is cool (true).

And this brings us to the recent Bigfoot story that has been widely reported on. If you've been out of the country, read at a first grade level, or, more likely, don't tend to keep up on your crypto-zoological related news, here's the jist. Two dolts from the back-woods in Georgia "discovered" a dead Bigfoot while camping, and attempted to become rich promoting it. (Side note: the body was found in the same area that Deliverance was filmed in so it may have been the decomposing body of Bert Reynolds).

Obviously, it turned out to be a hoax, just a gorilla costume stuffed with possum parts, but many people bought into the hype these men created. They had a press conference in California that was attended by many in the main stream media and the story ran on CNN and the other news networks. Anyway, it seems a lot of people were disappointed that it wasn't Bigfoot, I, however, am not one of these people.

You see Bigfoot, along with the Yettie, is the only real hipster left in the world. He lives alone in nature non-conforming to social mores, staying away from consumerism, eating completely organic and most likely not leaving much of a carbon footprint. If he smokes cigarettes, he rolls his own, he wears vintage t-shirts but not by choice, he probably doesn't do much bee bopping but I'm sure he leaves tons of scat. Much like Daniel Day Lewis, he's the last of his kind, a true original. And that's why I'm glad no one has found him. He'd just be used to sell products, like a sequel to Harry and the Henderson's, and none of us, with the exception of John Lithgow, needs that.

You see, the true hipster spirit can only live on if it remains legend, so be free sweet prince I'm glad they haven't found you.

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