Friday, September 5, 2008

Amalie Benjamin...Your Job May Be Safe

In the past couple of months, Boston journalists from traditional media have been jumping on the new media train and riding it to the interweb.

Rob Bradford (formerly of The Boston Herald) to
Mike Felger (formerly of ESPN radio & The Herald) to
Gordon Edes (formerly of The Boston Globe) to
Tony Massarotti (formerly of The Boston Herald) to

It begs the question...what will be the fate of their print media counterparts? With the media landscape changing rapidly, newspapers could become the triple A feeding ground for major web properties. Or, is the blogosphere the feeding ground?

Of course papers like the Boston Herald and Boston Globe have websites that are affiliated with the papers. But, the recent migration indicates that they may not be focusing enough on their digital business.

Amalie...if you'd like to write for the 360, we're accepting resumes.

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