Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cooking With Ginger Root

Here at Andy Katz 360, we like to listen to our readers. And, there are three things that you have made clear: you like the cooking tips, you use the cooking tips, and you want more cooking tips. We hear you loud and clear.

Courtesy of Rachael Ray, here is an excellent cooking tip that you should consider using in your kitchen.

Freeze ginger root. If you like cooking thai food, you will find that fresh ginger root is in many of the recipes. (There are many non-thai recipes that use ginger as well). A common complaint about ginger root is that much of the root goes to waste because you have to buy it in large pieces (see large piece of ginger root in photo above). It's not terribly expensive, but there is a way to get the most out of the root that you buy. According to Rachael Ray, peel the entire ginger root, and then freeze it in a ziploc bag. It won't dry out and it will last you many meals.

Share your own ginger tips and ginger stories in the comments below. Bring it.

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