Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kyle Glanville Pours It On At Barista Nationals

It's time to announce another U.S. Champion. This time the 360 would like to congratulate Kyle Glanville of Los Angeles, CA. Kyle won the 2008 United States Barista Championship.

Competitors prepared and presented 12 coffee beverages - one espresso, one cappuccino, and one signature drink of their own creation, for four 'sensory' judges. Glanville built momentum from the beginning with his disco/hip hop soundtrack, and put the nail in the coffin when he did a stylistic foam pour in a heart design on the surface of each cappuccino. Boo yah!

In addition to being Manager of Espresso R&D at Intelligentsia's Roasting Works, Glanville also has a degree in theater (a useful skill in competition). The more I learn about Glanville, the more I realize this competition was over before it began. This could be a dynasty in the making.

The '08 US Barista Champion is Kyle Glanville![thecoffeebrewers.com]


Anonymous said...

This coffee discussion reminds me of a recent article I saw regarding the installation of custom coffee machines in select starbucks stores. It apparently costs $11K. It supposedly controls the brew time, temperature, and amount of beans that go into each individually brewed cup. We should tell the "champ" to try stuffing his beans in one of these bad boys.


Andy said...

ah yes...you are thinking of The Clover. click on 'coffee' in the 360 tag cloud for more cooauffy tooauk.