Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SportsCenter.com Long Overdue

After over 30,000 episodes, ESPN has launched a website dedicated to SportsCenter.

It's crazy to think about a sports world without ESPN. The network revolutionized the way sports are reported, and the way we talk about sports. "Web gems" have become part of the American sports lexicon. And, catch phrases used by the shows' anchors are as well known as some major sporting events:

Kenny Mayne's "Yahtzee"
Chris Berman's "Back, back, back, back..."
Stuart Scott's "Boo yah"
Keith Olberman's "He pulled a groin. His own we hope." (ok...maybe not this one)

The website features video clips of current sports news, anchor blogs, live chats, and a home video contest (submit a sports play/moment that you have captured on video and it could be featured on a future SportsCenter). And not to be overlooked is a video library of "This is SportsCenter" commercials--the hilarious ad campaign that originated in 1994 and still runs today.

What does SportsCenter mean to you? Which commercial is your favorite?


Charles said...

Sportscenter... a blessing and a curse. It has made watching an entire game intolerable. Cut to the highlights! Where is the long bomb, monster dunk, or big fly with pithy commentary. Some of my favorites include. Dan Patrick (do a little dance make a little glove) and the SNL parody featuring Ray Ramano "sweet sassy molassy he is as happy as a slave that has made it to the North!" The skit continues with them cutting to commercial and the other host saying, "what the hell was that!"

Gelo said...

Can't forget the "cool as the other side of the pillow" comments by Mr. Stuart Scott.... Boo-yeah!