Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ryan Adams Rocks Boston

By Kodiak in Cambridge, Original Halloween Head and Cardinal Wanna-be

On Sunday September 7th I was lucky enough to attend the Ryan Adams and the Cardinals concert at the Bank of America Pavilion, formerly Harbor Lights, with Mrs. Kodiak, my pops and my buddy Uncle Randy. I was also a stone's throw away from Mr and Mrs. Pax Arcana.

Please be forewarned that I am not a critic because I can't really criticize Ryan and company. I am an unabashed supporter. That said I thought the show was unbelievable and the critics seem to agree. The Cards played for two and half hours ended by the venue's 11pm curfew. They rocked a mix of old jams along with five new songs, Fix it, Cobwebs, Sinking Ship, Magick and The Color of Pain, two that were played for the first time (Sinking Ship, The Color of Pain).

Ryan sounded great vocally, and was in good spirits (he has gained a reputation for being moody from time to time during live performances, but I think that's been overblown). If you missed the show or were there and want to relive it here's a link to the entire concert for free. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize two of the new ones were first-timers (not that I would have known the difference, I hadn't heard any of them). I remember liking Sinking Ships. Thanks for the link to the show

The Family said...

They really did sound great. Tight band. Vocals were clear and spot-on.

Awiseboy said...

Interestingly, I work with a guy named Ryan Adams who isn't the Ryan Adams in question. The Ryan Adams I know hates the other Ryan Adams, mainly for stealing the name Ryan Adams .