Thursday, September 11, 2008

Topsy Turvy That S%*t

For apparantly no reason at all, two Polish designers built an upside-down house in Germany. The house, on the northern German island of Usedom, was opened for public viewing this week.

One of the designers, Sebastian Mikiciuk, explained the inspiration for the project:

"We didn't do it for a reason. We just wanted to do something different."

Now, that's the transformational thinking that will change our world. It sounds like the Poles are taking a page out of Jason and Rachael Storm's book of randomness.

The upside down house is currently being used as an exhibit, but it has great potential as a holding cell for prisoners, or simply for people who need a timeout. The disorientation one feels in the house is a true form of torture and rehabilitation. On my list for the first class of inmates...

Jeremy Schapp
Gilbert Gottfried
Kathy Griffin
Jose Canseco
Spencer Pratt

Who would you lock up in the upside down house?

Upside-down house opens doors in Germany [Yahoo News]


Anonymous said...

Leon and LD would be invited as long as they bring spray paint to mark their territory

Awiseboy said...

I would lock up the following:

Colin Ferrell
Anyone from a reality TV show
Julio Lugo
Clark Rockefeller
Corey Gelormini
Terell Owens
Pregnant teens from Gloucester
Any presidential or Vp candidate from a major political party.

Then I'd add Chuck Norris and his non-stop roundhouse kicks.