Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Michigan Couple Is Not Dead, Rather Married

In the past four years, I've attended about twenty weddings. When it comes down to it, most weddings are the same. They all have a ceremony and a reception. There is food served with some sort of entertainment provided. Some traditions are followed. Photos are snapped. Speeches are delivered.

One way you can really set your wedding apart is by selecting an unforgettable location. In twenty years, nobody is going to remember how the Filet tasted or what type of flowers were in the centerpiece. But, they will probably remember if your wedding was overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or in the hall of a historic building.

Well...a couple in Michigan set out to be extremely unique in their venue selection. Jason and Rachael Storm held their wedding at Starks and Menchinger Family Funeral Home, where Jason is a funeral director. Both the ceremony and the reception (including dancing--I'm guessing it was a 10-piece band) was held at the home.

Jason Storm (the groom) said,

"I look at it as, if you go to a church and get married, how many caskets do you think have been rolled down that aisle?"

This is precisely why I don't want to get married in a church.

Rachael Storm (the bride) said,

"I'm very accustomed to what he does. The one thing I'm very much about is being unique."

Couldn't you have maybe gone with a unique appetizer to accomplish that goal? Bacon wrapped in scallops?

Michigan couple tie the knot at funeral home [Yahoo News]


Awiseboy said...

If you ever walk down the aisle - you'll know how appropriate it is to have your wedding at a funeral home. Four words: Dead on the inside.

Awiseboy said...

And nice reference to the killer blog on Crab Rangoon.