Monday, September 1, 2008

Sabathia Is An Error Short of History

Milwaukee Brewer pitcher C.C. Sabathia threw a one-hit gem on Sunday, shutting out the Pirates 7-0. The win completed a 3-game sweep of the Pirates and gave the Brew Crew a comfortable lead in the National League wildcard race. But, that was not enough for the Brewers. They are asking major league baseball to overturn an official scorer's call in the 5th inning, that would have given Sabathia a no-hitter (the hit was an infield single that Sabathia failed to field cleanly).

Brewers media relations director, Mike Vassallo, is compiling all the evidence:

"We are putting together a DVD with all the replays we have and sending it to MLB tomorrow."

Sounds like the Brewers are trying to impress MLB execs with a mixed tape. It worked for me with my 7th grade girlfriend (thank you Boys II Men). I don't see why it won't work here.

To Sabathia's credit, he took complete responsibility for his blunder:

"The ball was still rolling and I probably should have picked it up with my glove. We probably wouldn't be having this conversation."

I think if he kept his weight under 3 bills, that could have helped his cause as well. I happen to agree that the play should have been ruled an error. I also believe that once a hit has been recorded it changes everybody's mentality in the game, so it's hard for me to rationalize giving Sabathia a no-hitter retroactively. If you want to review the scorer's decision, do it that inning.

Brewers want call overturned, no-hitter for CC [Yahoo Sports]


Awiseboy said...

One of the rare times I agree with you... Sabathia is fat and mix tapes get chicks.

Andy said...

mix tapes are gold.

Andy said...

MLB reviewed the tapes, and decided not to overturn the official scorer's decision. Must not have been any chicks working the case at the league office.