Friday, September 12, 2008

This Just In...New Yorkers are Unfriendly and Neurotic

According to a 6-year study conducted by Cambridge University, New Yorkers are the most unfriendly and neurotic people in America. The study examined a number of different personality traits, but could not say that New Yorkers have a predisposition for any positive traits.

'Nice' Americans, who share an agreeableness trait (warm, compassionate, cooperative, friendly), are most likely to live in states like North Dakota, North Carolina, and Utah.

Massachusetts was one of the highest scoring states for the 'openness' trait, which is characterized by curiosity, intellect, and creativity.

New Yorkers Are Neurotic and Unfriendly, Says Cambridge U. 'personality map' [Telegraph]


Unknown said...

We all know how reliable the data from surveys can be. Quality post. I see time is being well spent.

Andy said...

Is this an unfriendly, neurotic comment from a New Yorker?

Unknown said...

I am neither unfriendly nor neurotic. As evidenced by my timely response to emails.