Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Problems in Bed? Big Papi To The Rescue

David Ortiz and his wife Tiffany are auctioning off their bed for charity. The bed is sure to make you perform in the clutch, and the headboard is signed by Big Papi.

Bidders might want to inspect the sheets for spit stains. The SportsCenter crew recommends it...

In other Red Sox news...

-The Sox are selling box seats at $795/pair. No...not the right to sit in the seats.....the actual seats. The team is planning a renovation of the main seating bowl over the winter and is selling the seats as collectors items.

-The Sox now hold the record for consecutive sellouts (the previous record was held by the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field).

-Oh...and some actual baseball news...Mike Lowell's health should be a concern. He's looking like he might have one good swing left in him. I'd rest him for the World Series.

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